Dek Rail Videos

YouTube Video 1: Dek Rail Railing with Glass Panels – Assembly Animation

The exterior deck railing industries most unique and fully adjustable independent railing post anchoring system ever invented – period. This feature gives the user 100% complete control over how the deck railing posts mount to the decks fascia board.

The tri-axis design allows vertical movement, horizontal movement & tilt for plumb prior to final securement. Once your deck has been built adjustments are not easily done if at all. Now with Dek Rails post mount design you can quickly & easily compensate for any and all deck discrepancies.

YouTube Video 2: Dek Rail D.I.Y. Series – Face Mount Post Anchor Installation

This video shows how to quickly & easily install the Dek Rail fully independent face mount post anchor. This means mounting of the posts to the side of the deck as opposed to on top or surface mounted. 

Typical anchor is 5 inches tall x 1.75 inches wide. Apply the supplied rubber neoprene sealing gasket to the anchor base. Pre-drill your face board using the already provided screw pattern position holes within the anchor. Be sure to check the anchor is plumb with a bullet level before your holes are drilled. Then send in the supplied 4 pieces stainless steel # 14 x 3 inch screws which also have powder coated heads to match the frame color.

YouTube Video 3: Dek Rail D.I.Y. Series – End & Center Railing Post Installation

This video shows how to install Dek Rail aluminum center or end posts. The procedure outlined is the same whether the posts are grooved versions for glass in-fill panels for example or ungrooved / flat faced posts for our picket version frame styles. Your T-Bar post anchors should already be installed.

Install the small base T-Bar into the bottom of your post before you install the post to the deck. Then sleeve the post horizontally onto the anchor. Set the post to the correct height and check for plumb. Once satisfied, pre-drill the set holes using a 3/16 sized drill bit. Secure the post to the T-Bar anchor using 4 pieces # 12 x 3/4 hex head screws.

YouTube Video 4: Dek Rail D.I.Y. Series – Corner Railing Post Installation

This video covers when the larger Dek Rail corner posts are used for a face or side mount application. As a first step, install the nylon top clip flush with the top of the post using 3 pieces # 10 x 5/8 pan head screws. No pre-drill is needed to secure the top clip.

Then install the corner post aluminum base cover. Pre-drill 3 set holes using a 1/8 sized drill bit. Secure this part to the post using 3 pieces # 10 x 5/8 pan head screws. Sleeve the post onto the T-Bar anchor. Set the post height needed and check for plumb. If satisfied, pre-drill 4 set holes with the 1/8 inch drill bit and then secure with 4 pieces # 10 x 5/8 pan head screws.

Dek Rail was specifically designed to be the perfect D.I.Y. install friendly exterior aluminum deck railing product in the world.