Special Railing & Deck Details

End post to wall angle bracket

dekrail end post wall attachment detail using angle bracket

Typical size of this aluminum angle bracket is 2 x 3 x 1-1/2 inches. It is common for face / side mounted railings not to terminate flush with the house wall or other structure since the frame is located outside of the deck edge.

This bracket allows you to structurally secure the top end of the railings via the end post & placement can be either deck side or to the back side of the post – whichever location works best & makes the most sense.

This component installs exactly the same for surface mount post applications or any situation where top end additional support is desired or required.

Tri-angle railing in-fill panels

dekrail inside stair railing in fill panel face mounted posts

Another common installation detail is that of inside stair railings when the deck railings are face / side mounted. Both the deck face railings & the inside stair railings end up competing for the same area towards the top of the stairs.

To keep the two frame runs from interfering or hitting each other you create a tri-angle in-fill railing panel that allows the stair railings to level off parallel to the underside of the deck railings.

Usually only the top or first stair railing panel needs this detail & then the balance of the inside stair run can revert back to a normal railing frame height of 36 inches.

dekrail triangle glass detail match angled roof line aluminum railings

In this example the face mounted deck railings intersected with an angled roof line which needed to be closed off for proper safety.

As with the picket sample you can create a tri-angle frame design in this case with an angled piece of tempered glass to close off this area while maintaining code frame height from the deck surface to the top of the top rail assembly.

The typical procedure is to install this frame section with all components needed then you can easily measure your in-fill materials whether pickets, glass or other from this now fixed opening.

Top rail level & angle transitions

dekrail install stair top rail level transitions same height each angle change

Railing frame transitions especially on short stair runs are most commonly handled by simply stepping the top rail from level to level so the top rail is not a continuous piece.

However in some cases where there are many levels to deal with in a single run it may be necessary to keep the top rail running at the same height through out in order to maintain proper code frame height.

The component that needs to be modified in this case will be the anchor rail which is the structural under member of the Dek Rail top rail assembly.

dekrail notched anchor rail stair top rail same level each angle transition

In order for the anchor rail to follow any stair angle the top center raised portion needs to be notched out as shown in the photo. Using the miter saw you measure & mark out a 1 inch section starting flush with the front side of the top post & back side of the lower post.

Only the raised center portion of anchor rail is removed. This will leave the lower flat portion uncut. Now you can gently bend the anchor rail to the desired angle & secure to the top of the post as normal.

The top rails will be straight cuts & we will supply you with custom miter top rail caps to perfectly fit all angle transitions.

Posts perpendicular to top rail

dekrail side by side top stair posts perpendicular to top rail

There are certain situations where you might need to install some deck railing posts in a direction that is not typical or parallel to the top rail assembly & this is totally fine.

In this sample we have two end posts that had to be installed perpendicular to the direction of the top rail. You simply line up the anchor rails inside or outside edge with the inside or outside face of these posts.

Then you can send your securing screws through the anchor rails flat side portion into the tops of the posts as normal. The top rail assembly finishes with the same dress corner & end caps just like any other section.

Stand alone aluminum gates

dekrail aluminum frame panel man gate key lockable latch hardware

Aluminum stand alone or what is commonly referred to as man gates are a perfect replacement to solve the issue with traditional wooden gates that tend to sag & fall apart shortly after installation.

The wood gate in this photo was only three years old & barely usable anymore. Man gates are custom sized to fit virtually any application needed & made with an all aluminum frame & in-fill panel.

There are many hardware options available including tension adjustable self closing hinges & key lockable latches.

Securing post anchors into concrete

dekrail lead expander plugs concrete post anchor install face or surface mounted posts

There are many methods to install railing posts to concrete. Some of these include wedge anchors, threaded studs with epoxy & expander type plugs.

We opt for using a lead type expander plug over plastic versions as they install easier & provide superior gripping power. The plugs are 1-1/2 inches long. First we drill a 5/16 size hole at a depth of just over 3 inches. Then we apply some construction adhesive down into the hole.

The plug is inserted & then we set the post anchor & secure with our # 14 x 3 inch size full course threaded stainless screws. Applicable for face / side or surface mount anchors.

Internal post brace

dekrail internal aluminum flat bar post brace

This component is only applicable to add additional support to free standing end posts typically where the post is in a location where it will be subjected to constant pulling forces such as at the top of a stair opening.

The post is installed as per normal. Prior to installation of the post face plate that hides all connections this aluminum flat bar plate is slid down the top of the post and screw secured tight to the top of the post anchor.

This detail can be used for either surface or face / side mounted railing posts.

Window well grate covers

dekrail custom aluminum window well walking grate safety covers

Aluminum window well grate inserts provide a strong & reliable walking surface around all your homes perimeter basement openings.

Typical construction is with 1-1/2 x 5/8 wide aluminum tubing. Outer perimeter flange design & quantity of ribs depends on the openings length & width and / or how the opening was framed.

Since these window well grates are made from all aluminum construction they are light weight & can be easily removed from below in the event of a fire escape emergency. Powder coated for a long lasting finish.

Custom fire escape ladders

dekrail custom aluminum fire escape ladder basement window well

Some window well areas can be fairly deep in relation to the surrounding ground level. In such cases it may be more practical or desired to install a full height railing around the opening & provide a permanent fixed ladder for emergencies.

We use a tubular aluminum commonly referred to as quarter round pipe which is 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 1/8 wall. This is a fully welded assembly which is screw secured to the inside concrete wall as well as the at the top rail level so no adjustment is ever needed as it is always ready to use.

This assembly is powder coated to match the railing frame color. Strong, clean, neat & will never rust.

Dekrail modular floating floor panels

dekrail floating floor pvc spacer track decking panels

There has never been a more exciting way to dress up a cold & dirty concrete or bland looking vinyl deck space. Dekrail modular floating floor panels are the perfect solution that is guaranteed to provide extremely attractive results.

Our in-house designed PVC, duo durometer spacer tracks permit absolutely beautiful fully floating modular panels with real wood you can enjoy for many years to come.

Without any major construction at all you can completely revive your old or tired deck space like never before. A perfect choice for apartment or townhouse decks.

dekrail floating floor pvc spacer track modular deck panels

Big box stores offer modular deck panels. They are typically 12 x 12 inches with a flimsy thin plastic base screen to hold the boards together. This is not at all convenient as they often unlock on uneven surfaces & near impossible to clean underneath.

With Dekrail modular spacer tracks, you control the size and style of your panels. Use whatever wood you wish. Rigid PVC construction with soft rubber nibs on point of deck contact.

How much track do you need? Simply figure your total square feet of space & multiply x 3. That will give you enough track material to handle any design you like.