Create a Beautiful Outdoor Space with Dek Rail DIY Deck Railings

With many families spending an increased amount of time at home, DIY projects have become incredibly popular.

Some such DIY projects include finding ways to create a beautiful outdoor space; extending both a home’s footprint while also providing a welcoming area to retreat to.

At Dek Rail, we have seen a significant uptick in homeowners reaching out regarding the convenience of our DIY deck railings. The common feature they collectively seem to enjoy, is the fact that they are able to install our railings without requiring outside assistance to do so.

Such convenience of a DIY deck railing have accelerated as the choice ‘fencing’ option for  decks and pools across Canada and the US. They create a safe space for friends, family and pets to lounge, while also delivering an esthetic appeal that holds its value season after season!

DIY Deck Solutions

During a time when limited contact with those outside our households remains a cautionary choice for many, having DIY railings for your deck delivered right to your door is choice.

Our Dek Rails aluminum fences offer the perfect solution for a wide variety of fence applications. They provide DIY patio railings in a component-based design with a practical knockdown format for fast and easy on-site assembly.

In addition to the ease of construction, the economical shipping factor ensures quick and affordable delivery across Canada and the US.

Modular Decks Help Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Safe Haven

Perhaps it is important for you to maximize your mountain view in Squamish, which most British Columbian’s are accustomed to. Maybe you wish to maximize the lakeview from your Muskoka waterfront property in Ontario. Or perhaps you are seeking an alternative to an all-wood fence for your Pacific Northwest pool space in the beautiful state of Washington? Dek Rail provides a diverse-range of options for our customers, allowing them to enhance their home in a way that values their lifestyle and desired view.

If you are looking for a new project to improve your home while increasing its value – contact us or request a quote for our modular deck railings. We would be more than happy to discuss your needs, and steer you in the right direction towards an investment you will be happy with for years to come!