LED Accent Lighting Kit (for exterior railings)

dekrail fully integrated tri light led deck railings

Dek Rails custom tri-light LED’s are flush-mounted on center between each of the railing posts. Industry-unique design features easily permit unobstructed access for the placement of both the LED’s & related wiring.

Each LED unit has three light diodes so they are effectively called tri-lights. Once installed the light units will emit a beautiful triangular beam pattern down onto your deck.

Every Dek Rail frame style is suitable for LED installation. The perfect finishing touch for all your evening entertaining & enjoyment.

This photo shows a new exterior deck about to receive our Dek Rail RD1 railings with aluminum frame & clear tempered safety glass.

The led lights will be fully integrated into these railings. Once completed the entire lighting kit including all connection hardware is 99% hidden from view.

The only item that is slightly visible when looking up under the top rail is the actual tri-light LED light units. They are flush mounted when done so you barely notice them at all even when at seated eye level.

Here is the same deck at night with the Dek Rail LED kit illuminated. The units throw just the right amount of light down onto the deck.

Custom made to emit a traditional hue called warm white they present a warm & inviting feeling to your deck space when entertaining or just relaxing.

Unlike typical stick on versions which can peel & loosen off over time our led units are mechanically secured via purpose designed retainer clips shown in the next photo.

dekrail deck railing led lighting install close up details

Dek Rail tri-light LED units are fully encased in an outdoor suitable silicone sleeve jacket & the ends are closed with matching silicone end caps.

Installation is a breeze. Mark out a center line between two railing posts. Temp hold your led unit in this location lining up the mark with the center led diode & mark the two outer light diodes. Drill out three holes first with a 1/8 then 1/2 inch bit.

Snap the led unit into the supplied retainer clip then snap the assembly into the anchor rails retainer grooves. Line up unit with the holes & wire to the main feed power line.

dekrail led lighted exterior aluminum deck railing photo samples

Dek Rails unique two piece post design allows the main feed power wire to be run up or down any posts as needed in order to easily transfer from horizontal runs to stair runs.

Once the main feed power wire has been established inside pre-determined posts all actual light connections are made at the top rail level.

It could not be easier to have beautiful illuminated deck railings whenever you desire all without the need for any special tools or complicated wiring involved.

dekrail deck railings with integrated led lighting

In addition to their fantastic appearance Dek Rail tri-light LEDs greatly improve the safety factor for stair sets by providing reliable illumination where it is needed the most.

The led units install exactly the same for stair runs as they do for horizontal runs. The only difference is they are placed off center between the posts which is explained in our installation videos.

Even stair sets have no exposed wires. You can simply run the main feed power wire down one lower stair post then under the stairs & up into the other stair post.

dekrail led light components for deck railings

Here are the two LED power driver units. The smaller version at 15 watts will power up to 19 Dek Rail tri-light LED units. The larger version at 30 watts will run up to 35 units.

The system has been designed to take into account for voltage drop over long runs. This is why we strongly recommend using a main feed power wire of 14/2 copper stranded over anything else.

This wire is available in the landscape lighting section at your local Home Depot store or at many independent electrical supply stores.

dekrail exterior aluminum led lighted deck railings led remote control unit

The LED power driver unit is plugged into any outdoor wall socket that is fully protected from direct wet or sunny weather.

If this is not an option then past customers have installed a dryer vent hood over the unit & plug to protect it as noted. Hardwire to an indoor wall switch is also an option.

Your LED kit is now supplied with a remote control unit. So without any complicated or involved electrical work you can easily control your lighting with a touch of a button from inside or outside your home anytime you wish.

dekrail exterior aluminum deck railings with integrated led lighting

Dek Rails tri-light LED lighting system is 12 volt DC powered so very economical & energy efficient to run. Units are flush mounted within the Dek Rail top rail assembly.

Expected life cycle of the LED units is 30,000 hours so you will easily enjoy many years of worry free service. If you love to entertain or just use your deck space often there is no better way to add some flair & truly liven up your outdoor area like never before.

The effect is simply gorgeous & sure to make your new Dek Rail railings the envy of your neighborhood.