HVAC Rooftop Hide Screens

dekrail air conditioning rooftop hide surround screens

Dek Rail Hide Screens easily & effectively solve the problem of unsightly rooftop air conditioning units & other visually unappealing rooftop equipment.

Our screens are designed to hide unwanted views of HVAC & other rooftop mechanical systems.

Dek Rail Rooftop Hide Screens may be added to simply enhance a buildings visual aesthetics or in some cases to satisfy City rooftop screening ordinances or requirements.

dekrail rooftop hide screens stained horizontal wooden panels

Dek Rail screens are floating assemblies designed with full air flow through the slat panels so they don’t require mechanical attachment to a roofs membrane.

Typical rooftop units are encased with an approx. three foot perimeter open space to enable full access for easy unit servicing by a technician whenever needed.

All frame surrounds are supplied in “knock down” format for easy shipping in compact packages. Our screens are 100% D.I.Y. friendly & do NOT need any special tools or welding to assemble.

dekrail rooftop ac hide screens aluminum frame wood horizontal panels

The most common & economical panel design is with wood 1 x 6 material. Horizontal boards are spaced 1-1/2 inches vertically.

Prior to final installation of these wood panels, they can be stained to any color of your choice to perfectly match the buildings desired color scheme.

Dek Rails exclusive “grooved” aluminum posts allow the finished panels to be quickly slid down which automatically locks them into position without the need for brackets of any kind.

dekrail ac rooftop hide surround screens gate assembly panel

Each surround screen comes with “no tools” removable man gate frame hardware. Typical man gate opening width is 30 – 36 inches. Man gate panels can either be supplied as a slide up and out version as shown or can be set up as a traditional swing gate with hinges and latch.

Dek Rails unique top rail assembly is continuous once installed and spans “over all posts” instead of between them.

This feature not only creates an extremely clean & neat visual appearance but also increases overall frame strength by eliminating connection brackets at each post.

dekrail ac rooftop hide screen aluminum post installation

Assembly is completed in 4 easy steps. Install your posts to the concrete pavers or pedestals. Position your posts in the predetermined layout locations. Assemble and slide in your panels. Finish with installation of the top rail assembly. That’s it!

Whatever the unit, measure length and add 6 feet. Then measure width and again add 6 feet. So if the unit measures 6 x 4 then you need a screen surround that is 12 x 10. If there are multiple units close together you can also look at a large surround that encases all units as a single full perimeter screen.

dekrail all aluminum rooftop ac equipment hide screen surrounds

Dek Rail hide screens are also available in a gorgeous premium all aluminum frame & slat version.

This is the perfect solution where hiding the equipment in a sleek modern screen style is a top priority. All while virtually 100% maintenance free.

Our all aluminum screens are also shipped in a knock down format for safe transport. Assembly is exactly the same as with the wood panel version. Fast & easy with no special tools or welding required.

dekrail rooftop hide screens what not to build

Don’t settle for an all wood screen assembly. These types of rooftop equipment surrounds simply do not hold up over time. They also do not look eye appealing at all.

In fact, shortly down the road, they have a tendency to completely fall apart rendering the expense and effort a total waste of time.

Dek Rail Hide Screens give you a strong all aluminum frame that properly supports itself & looks fantastic now and down the road for decades to come.

dekrail rooftop all aluminum slat style ac equipment hide screen surrounds

Dek Rail Rooftop Hide Screens…

The Closer You Look…
The Better It Gets!

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WARNING: Dek Rail HVAC Rooftop Hide Screens are designed as “floating” assemblies onto a roof membrane. As such, you can only use slatted style in-fill panels with a recommended minimum of 1-1/2 inches open air space between each slat from top of the frame to base of the frame or pedestals. This feature will permit permanent critical air flow though the screens at all times. The use of any solid in-fill panel materials of any kind is not permitted with this type of screen assembly under any circumstances due to wind loading conditions. It is the responsibility of the purchaser & installer to strictly follow this mandatory design feature.