3 Reasons You Need to Install Pool Railings

Having an outdoor pool at your home is an amazing feature that is enjoyed by many homeowners across North American. And with such features, also comes the need for safety measures to help keep pets and people alike – safe.

Which is why we want to share these ‘3 Reasons You Need to Install Pool Railings’.

3 Reasons You Need to Install Pool Railings

  1. Prevent Accidents

Accidents happen. But when it comes to accidents with life-threatening consequences; putting protections in place is imperative. Installing pool railings provides a secure barrier between the potential of unsupervised danger, which we can help you with.

2. Allowable Access

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As a pool owner, it is likely you want your pool to remain accessible to friends and family only. Having a pool fence and/or railing that can latch and lock, can prevent individuals from accessing your pool without your permission. Preventing unauthorized access not only ensures that your pool is properly maintained, but that the risks of accidents outside of your control are mitigated.

3. Liability and Insurance

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Which brings us to our next point – liability and insurance.

When you install pool railings, you are also likely in compliance with insurance policies. Depending on where live across Canada or the US, pool fencing or pool railings could be required by your homeowners insurance. As well, they can help you manage unwarranted liability claims from unwelcome guests wandering into you private pool.

At Dek Rail, our pool railings are designed to help you install DIY fencing that will help with all of the above. In addition, we offer a range of fence and pool railing style to suit your home, so that safety doesn’t have to come at the compromise of style!

Fence & Pool Railing Styles

dekrail exterior aluminum deck railings with integrated led lighting

As mentioned on our pool railings page

Dek Rail aluminum fence is the perfect solution for a wide variety of fence applications.

Component-based design permits economical shipping in a practical knockdown format for fast & easy on-site assembly. Dek Rail fence requires no welding or special tools so it is an excellent choice for D.I.Y. applications.

Read more about their pool safety suggestions here, or – if you are ready to move forward with securing your swimming space with pool railings of your choice, Dek Rail is here to help.

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Drowning statistics in Canada are both shocking and saddening. Prevention is the first step to safety.