The Right Time to Install Railings for Your Pool – Dek Rail Can Help!

dekrail security pool glass and aluminum frame fence

Installing railings for your pool is an essential safety measure. Not only can they better ensure the safety of those in your home, but outsiders as well.

Knowing the best time to install fencing can be crucial for efficient planning, which Dek Rail would like to explore with you!

The Right Time to Install Railings for Your Pool

If you’re building a new pool, incorporating fencing into the initial construction phase is highly recommended. However, we recognize that often times people don’t install their pool fencing until long after they have begun enjoying their pool, or they have moved into a home where pool fencing was never installed. We are here to rectify that!

For existing pools without railings, the pre-season (such as spring) period is an opportune time for installation. This gives you time to complete the installation before the pool becomes operational, maximizing safety from the start of the swimming season.

Prioritizing safety when determining the timing for railing installations is important also. If there are immediate safety concerns, such as young children or pets accessing the pool area, starting the installation process now is recommended.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with local building codes and regulations regarding pool safety requirements. Whether you’re building a new pool or upgrading an existing one.

Prioritizing safety for all users matters. Dek Rail is here to help you with our DIY Pool Railings in Canada!

DIY Pool Fencing in Canada

Railings for Your Pool

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Dek Rail aluminum fence is the perfect solution for a wide variety of fence applications. Our railings do not require welding or special tools, making them an excellent choice for DIY applications.

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As we head into the New Year, we feel that – providing our customers with safety solutions is a great way to begin 2024, allowing for many more years of safely