Adding Value to Your Home with Deck Railings in Canada & the US

Whether you’re seeking to add value to your home, create a safe space, or enhance your exterior living area – adding deck railings in Canada and the US is an excellent way to address all of the above.

At Dek Rail, we offer custom aluminum deck railing kits all across North America. We provide railings for single-family, multi-family, residential and commercial projects.

In addition, we design and manufacture each of our aluminum railing packages to meet your individual needs. This includes full or semi-private panels, glass, picket balusters or cable version railing frames, as well as many more available design options.

Add Value to Your Home with Deck Railings

dekrail grooved glazed aluminum post glass panel inserts deck railings

Although there is the initial cost of purchasing deck railings for your home, there is also an excellent return on this investment.

In fact, deck improvements are known to recover the cost entirely, if not increase the value based on having a deck.

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According to the 2018 Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association of Realtors patios can recover 102% of their building costs on average.  The 2016 version of this report found that the recoup rate was as high as 106%. Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost Vs. Value Report found in 2007 that adding a wooden deck is the most cost-effective home improvement project for a mid-range home.

Purchasing deck railings in Canada, or anywhere in the US, is truly an affordable way to expand the footprint of your living space. As well, a deck also enhance the safety of pool areas, stairwells or general high-level patios.

‘Create a Beautiful Outdoor Space with Dek Rail DIY Deck Railings’

As mentioned in our blog by the above title…

At Dek Rail, we have seen a significant uptick in homeowners reaching out regarding the convenience of our DIY deck railings. And the common feature they collectively seem to enjoy, is the fact that they are able to install our railings without requiring outside assistance to do so.

Perhaps it is important for you to maximize your mountain view in Squamish, which most British Columbian’s are accustomed to. Maybe you wish to maximize the lakeview from your Muskoka waterfront property in Ontario. Or maybe you are seeking an alternative to an all-wood fence for your Pacific Northwest pool space in the beautiful state of Washington; Dek Rail provides a diverse-range of options for our customers, allowing them to enhance their home in a way that values their lifestyle and desired view.

Dek Rail

Our slogan is: “The Closer You Look… The Better It Gets” – because our railings truly deliver a seamless appeal, regardless of style.

Deck Railings in Canada & the US

Dek Rails exclusive Hidden Fastener System ensures your railings will be completely void of unsightly visible fasteners common to other generic frames.

Check out our full line of railings below, and feel free to see the process of putting together a deck railing here.

If you are seeking Deck Railings in Canada & the US in order to improve your home while increasing the value – contact us or request a quote. We would be more than happy to discuss your needs and steer you in the right direction towards an investment you will be happy with!

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