3 Ways Deck Railings Can Provide Safety for Your Home

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At Dek Rail, we understand that safety and security matters to homeowners; especially in these changing times. Which is why we want to share these ‘3 Ways Deck Railings Can Provide Safety for Your Home’.

3 Ways Deck Railings Can Provide Safety for Your Home

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Deck railings play a crucial role in providing safety for your home. Here are 3 such ways they can do so.

  1. Prevent Falls

Preventing falls ranks high as a safety feature of railings – especially for the elderly. Either off your deck, into your pool, or off a steep ledge; deck railings can immediately add safety from elevated areas.

2. Pet & Child Safety

Whether you have small children or pets, deck railings are imperative – because being in all places at all times is impossible. Both children and pets wander with curiosity, which lead to safety concerns. We’re here to mitigate that – reducing the risk of accidents and injuries with the help of the safety barrier of deck railings.

3. Building Code Compliance

Although this doesn’t fall, necessarily, into the safety arena – it does fall into the ‘peace of mind’ category. Which is, build code compliance.

There are strict building codes homeowners must abide by. Regardless of if you live on a mountainside in BC, or oceanside in California; both provincial and state laws will have their own specific building codes.

Complying with these regulations is not only a legal requirement, but also a responsible measure to protect the well-being of those who live in your home, or may visit.

When it comes to safety, deck railings are an essential feature for any elevated outdoor space, and we can help provide you with easy-to-assemble, DIY deck railings across North America!

North American DIY Deck Railings

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What makes our DIY deck railings different from the rest?  The photos on our Derail vs Generic Rail Frames page speak for themselves. They represent a small example of the vast difference in overall quality, fit and finish.

Aluminum deck railing frames are NOT created equal, and as our tagline says: ‘The Closer You Look… The Better It Gets’. Our railings are void of all unsightly exposed brackets, plates, screws and weld slag. This is the Dek Rail insignia.

Curious about  our other products? We also provide:

Contact us to learn more or to invest in our DIY deck railings to create further safety for your home!